Monday, April 18, 2005

Science Olympiad and Mom's Day at U of I

Well it's been a hectic two weekends. The weekend of April 8th I traveled down to Urbana to watch Patrick and his team at the Science Olympiad State Tournament. What a team! They placed 27th out of 40 teams in the state. Not a bad accomplishment for being their first time to get to State!

Pat was in Crime Busters, Can't Judge a Powder and Write It Do It. I think he's going to be a scientist of some sort. We were able to watch these teams work but we were there to cheer them on when they went into the event and when they came out. Pat was a little nervous and excited at the same time. I think he had a good time and can't wait til next year. He's going to try Robo Billiards which is a robot built to push billiard balls into specific cans off a table. With his robot building ability he should easily win this one hands down!!

Last weekend I went down to Urbana again to celebrate Mom's Day weekend at the U of I. It was another beautiful weekend hitting around 80 degrees in the afternoon. Meaghan and I were pro's this time. We hit the campus bookstores first scoping out the merchandise. We picked up the new Illini Basketball March to the Arch book. Can't wait to put this on my coffee table, it's one of a kind! Even though we didn't make number 1 they still had a hell of a season. We both saved all the articles on the season and plan to make a collage of sort in the basement. You'll all have to come over and see it. Next on to the craft fair!! We stopped at each booth and picked up some really cool merchandise. I left with a U of I afghan that is going to be hung up rather than hanging on the couch. There was so much fun stuff to buy. We left some behind for next year!! Meaghan and I then went and hung out in her dorm room. I was fortunate enough to meet some of the floor guys. They are really nice individuals and had really cool rooms to boot. I saw Amanda's parents and grandmother again, met Danielle mom and had a personal viewing of Meaghan and Amanda's prize winning room video. Nice award acceptance girls! They won third place for room decorating out of all the dorms. It was first place in my mind but I'm biased. We then went over to Bob's new apartment (Forest's place). I met Bob's mom for the first time. Nice lady. Too bad she's moving to Arizona in a few short weeks but we'll hang out at Mom's day next year I'm sure. On to Monical's for a late night dinner and then bedtime. We got up in the morning and had a huge breakfast at Aunt Sonya's. Later we went to the Floral show and then I had to leave. Sure was a short weekend but was a lot of fun. Can't beat spending time with your daughter!!

Well this is a little long winded but had a lot to talk about. Enjoy the pics!


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